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Elite: Dangerous Owners Will Be Given Steam Keys

Elite: Dangerous owners rejoice! You can now play your game on Steam, even if you bought it direct from Frontier Developments.

The developers have announced that they will be giving Steam keys to all players that bought the game through them, after many fans complained that they wanted to play it on the Steam platform, when the game was added to Steam last month.

This is great news for players, but the cynic in me thinks Frontier’s decision might be linked to the their call for players to still b the game direct from Frontier, as it means Steam doesn’t get a cut. They then get given a key for the game and get to play it on Steam anyway. Everyone wins. Except Steam.

You’ll be able to generate your Steam keys from your Elite: Dangerous¬†account page from 28th May. More instructions will be posted closer to the time on the official forums.

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