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Cities XXL Will Have Extra Extra Large Maps

The scope of Cities XXL is set to be rather large judging by their latest teaser trailer. In it we can see vast spiralling landscapes, with huge sprawling cities. It all looks absolutely beautiful, with a gorgeous seafront and luscious greenery. They really are trying to take advantage of the disquiet caused when SimCity was released with maps that many found to be puny in size, particularly compared to the smash-hit SimCity 4. Their dream? To produce the ‘world’s largest city builder’. If they can pull it off, then they’ll be onto a winner.

It also appears Cities XXL will be making up ground on other things that were missing from SimCity, including underground transit systems. Will Cities XXL end up being a graphically superior version of SimCity 4? If so then it’ll probably be fantastic – and everything that SimCity SHOULD have been.

Here’s that trailer:

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