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Cities: Skylines After Dark Expansion Coming This Month

The first expansion for the fantastic city builder Cities: Skylines is being released on September 24th.

After Dark will introduce a day/night cycle to the game and with that after hours activities.

When the sun goes down, traffic will decrease and slow, and most businesses will slow down – apart from those ones that you specify as leisure or beach front. And of course crime will increase, luckily the cops will be able to get around more easily.

At night you can denote the budget differently, so that fewer buses run or that you have your garbage trucks run when the roads are quieter.

The update will also introduce bicycles to the game and allow you to lay bike lanes and bus lanes to help you keep traffic flowing freely.

The full After Dark update will cost $15 but the simple day/night cycle will be released as a free update to all players.

Here’s the After Dark trailer:

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