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Basement Closed Beta Continues to Progress

There’s good news for those that were excited by the concept of Basement when they saw it on Kickstarter towards the end of last year: its closed beta continues to progress with the release of v0.0.2.

Basement is a drug-dealing strategy game where you play as a scientist who needs to raise some money to fund his latest great idea. To do this you have to resort to some less-than-legal means. You begin to create and sell a range of illegal substances. As your drugs business grows you need to increase the size of your basement, your production methods and hire workers and security staff. You also begin to attract the attention of the feds and other rival groups, as it becomes increasingly difficult to manage your empire.

The closed beta first came out in the middle of last month and now it has been updated to improve the trading mechanic.

The beta is currently only available to those that gave them $50 or more on Kickstarter. but it has been greenlit on Steam and will be available there when the developers HalfBus feel it is ready.

The full change log for v0.0.2 can be seen on Steam here.

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