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ARK: Survival Evolved Developers Offer $100 Hack Bounty

Know someone who’s been hacking ARK Survival Evolved? Then you could be in for a cool $100.

If you let the developers, Wildcard Studios, know what the hack is and they can replicate it then they will transfer you the cash. They made their first payment yesterday, following someone reporting “a potential hack/exploit which could force servers to crash unexpectedly, as well as have other unintended side-effects”.

If you need some ideas of what kind of hacks they’re looking for then here are some examples: “teleportation, god mode, the ability to take over tribes, remove fall damage, ghost/fly mode, spawning creatures, generating items, etc.” But they won’t be accepting speedhacks as they already know about them and will be patching them out soon.

If you know of a hack and want the cash then email the details to

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