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Vehicles and Cannibalism added to DayZ

DayZ has released its latest patch and as a result you now drive vehicles and eat people – both of which are handy when zombies are about.

But beware with vehicles come all the usual issues that can affect your driving in real life – crashes, being run over, running out of fuel in the middle of a hoard of zombies.

And cannibalism has its downsides too. If you eat raw human flesh you can contract a rather unpleasant degenerative disease so you really need to weigh up how delicious that man looks against how much of a nuisance getting ‘Prion Disease’ is going to be. This is a commonplace problems in the midst of a zombie apocalypse so I’m told.

The patch notes for the latest stable release also announce the addition of ghillie suits, for those with voyeuristic tendencies (don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone that your spying on zombies in the shower) and burlap strips. In the UK we call burlap ‘hessian’. I hope that clears up any confusion of what those strips are made of. I’m sure the material is integral to the game.


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