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Tycoon Tutorials Kickstarter

Tycoon game expert and friend of the Sandbox Games Database, Zhatt has started a Kickstarter that will enable him to make helpful tutorial videos for various tycoon games. The backers will get to choose which games will have tutorial videos made for them, although OpenTTD will definitely be the first. subsequent games that have been mooted include SimCityTropico 5, A-Train 9 and Cities XXL.

Zhatt is best known for his youtube channel, which delves into the world of tycoon games, looking at upcoming titles and reporting on game news. He intends to use this experience to construct episodic tutorials for each game, with each tutorial focusing on one aspect of the game. The different tycoon tutorials will aim to deal with basic issues for newer players as well as tutorials dealing with much more advanced concepts for those that are familiar with the game.

The target for the Kickstarter is to raise $5000CAD by the deadline of 4th February, with various stretch goals extending the number of tutorials that will be able to be produced. For a donation of just $1 you can get the right to vote on which games the tutorial videos are focused on. You can view the Kickstarter page here.

Tycoon Tutorial Introduction Video

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