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The Best Minecraft Multiplayer Mods

The following is a guest post from our friends at Apex Minecraft Hosting. Thanks to Stuart for his article:

Minecraft has so many mods that it can be difficult to know which ones are worth playing. While the bad ones are a waste of time, the good ones can bring endless hours of fun, especially in multiplayer. Our list of the best Minecraft multiplayer mods is by no means definitive but will hopefully introduce you to some great new ways to play this fantastic game.

Cops and Robbers

This one is best played with as many friends as possible. Set in an Alcatraz-style prison complex, one player is the cop and the others the robbers. In this case, the cop acts as the single all-powerful warden of the prison while the robbers are the inmates. The cop decides his own regime for the prison and orders the robbers around. He can send them off to eat or even take a shower, all the while being as strict or fair as he pleases. Meanwhile, the robbers must co-operate to escape from the prison without alerting the cop. As you can probably guess, hilarity ensues.

Cops and Robbers is not only great fun, it can also be an interesting glimpse into the nature of power struggles. If you play with real life friends (which is highly recommended), it’s fascinating watching your friends respond to the power wielded by the cop. With the ability to enforce death, punishment or even a cell in solitary confinement, will the power go to the cop’s head or will they wield it fairly? No two games are ever alike; some are absurd and farcical while some are serious and dark. Either way, they are always fun and utterly engrossing.

The Hunger Games

Inspired by the hit novels and films of the same name, this mod was created solely for online multiplayer. The attention to detail is superb: players (or Tributes) begin in a circle with a pile of items in the middle. Just like in the novels and films, when the games begin, everybody dashes for a chest to ransack for weapons and tools. Many players die in this initial scramble but the survivors sprint off into the woods to hide and hunt and outlast the other players.

With limited resources and ruthless opponents, The Hunger Games is always tense and dramatic. As there can only be one winner, early co-operation invariably breaks down as friends are forced to turn on friends. Despite this, teamwork is a great way to survive the early mayhem, just be sure to watch your back as The Hunger Games reach their conclusion and only a few players remain.


The multiplayer version of one of the most popular Minecraft mods of all time, this pits a group of players on a tiny floating island and asks them to co-operate and survive in gruelling conditions with limited resources. Teamwork is essential, as is playing with people you trust, as a single prankster can easily ruin everybody’s hard work.

Although it’s often considered a solo game, the modding community has really made Minecraft into a varied and diverse multiplayer experience. When you couple these mods with the local and online multiplayer aspects, the game can end up being a great way of spending time working with your friends to build something awesome.

Minecraft Skyblock

This was a guest post written by Stuart from the leading Minecraft hosting provider Apex Minecraft Hosting. As well as being an enthusiastic Minecraft player he also enjoys a traditional RPG and classic SEGA games.

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