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Sandbox DB launches on Patreon

We’re excited to tell our fans that Sandbox DB has launched on Patreon! We’re offering 5 patron packages depending upon how generous you’re feeling 😉

Signing up will give you access to exclusive content, including monthly newsletters, your name featured on our site and the opportunity to get your writing featured on the site. There is also an option for advertisers to support us too!

Since launching in 2014, we have provided a platform for discovering niche games with common features like an open-world, player-freedom and tycoon elements. We feature many mainstream games, but we love to focus on the hidden gems. Sharing these with a wider audience is hard work, and so far has been driven by our passion alone – but with your support through Patreon, we’ll be able to extend our reach even further.

We’ve got lots of ideas for new content we’d like to create… including more video work, a print magazine (either annually or quarterly) and adding community features, such as a forum or members area.


Our 5 Patreon packages:

Apprentice Wizard – $1 per month

We’ll send you a monthly email newsletter with a summary of our latest news and games


Adept Mage – $3 per month

Appreciative Wizard features plus we’ll put a thank you in the email so everyone knows how awesome you are!


Expert Spellcaster – $5 per month

Adept Mage features plus we’ll add your name to our site and give a link back to your own blog or social accounts (some restrictions will apply to ensure the content is safe for everyone)


Master Sorcerer – $10 per month

Expert Spellcaster features plus we’ll invite you to write a review, or other piece of content to feature on our site


Advertiser or Games Maker – $50 per month

Previous rewards PLUS we’ll also give you some key website real-estate to advertise! Perfect for game makers, other blogs or content creators!


To become a patron click here and choose one of the 5 membership options. Thank you so much for your continued support!

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