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Project Automata Latest

In their latest newsletter, Dapper Penguin Studios gave the following update on Project Automata’s impending transition from pre-alpha to full alpha:


“Our main focus now is on the full alpha version of the game. Regardless of the outcome of our Kickstarter campaign, we are committed to the continued development of Project Automata. At the moment we are working on a ton of new content that we know you will all love. Here is just a taste of what’s coming up soon. You can read more about these features in this week’s blog post.

Personas and Campaign

To make the world of Project Automata feel real and personal we are working on designs for player profiles that will allow you to create an in-game persona. This is something we can implement relatively quickly to add character and a unique feeling to the game. We are also working on a story driven campaign to help draw you into the world of Project Automata.

Research and Player Progression

One of the things we always wanted to be a part of the game is a research and development tree. We are in the early stages of design for it at the moment, but it is going to happen.

New Transportation Methods

We are still working hard to bring trains into the game. We have several concepts and we’re getting the code ready for the next version!”

Project Automata – Gameplay Trailer

If you’d like to contribute to making this great-looking game happen, why not donate something on their Kickstarter page.

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