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Prison Architect Alpha 34 Released

The June update for Prison Architect has been released and brings yet more new features to the prison-building game.

In Alpha 34 we see the introduction of gangs, which is a feature that can be turned on or off depending on how difficult you want the game to be. Prisoners that have gang allegiances are more dangerous as they are more likely to carry weapons and will jump into fights to defend other gang members – even if they’re fighting your prison guards. The gangs feature will be developed further in next month’s update.

Also introduced this month is a new room – the shop. From now on prisoners that are working will be paid and they can spend this money on luxury items from the shop. The presence of a shop therefore makes prisoners want to work more and concentrate more when they take part in reform programmes.

There are also lots more bug fixes and balance tweaks, as the developers continue to get the game ready for its full release in the final quarter of this year.

You can see the full change list here.

Prison Architect Alpha 34 Release Video

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