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Prison Architect Alpha 30 Released

The monthly update to Prison Architect has been released today – the 30th update that the game has received since entering alpha. In this update developers Introversion continue to implement and improve parole hearings for prisoners. Now they will be attended by the Parole Officer and the Parole Lawyer and should the prisoner be released following the hearing and doesn’t go on to reoffend you will get a lump sum of $3000. However, if 10 prisoners reoffend your prison gets put under special measures and should another five released prisoners reoffend in the following 48 hours you’ll be out of a job.

The update also gives you better control of how many new prisoners you receive – and what category your new prisoners will be. In the new intake panel you can choose the exact number of prisoners you want a day (up to a point – there’s not an infinite number of prisoners) and what ratio you want them to come in – a few harmless minsec prisoners or loads of brutal maxsec-ers: it’s up to you.

There are a couple of other small additions tot he way you work with wires and you can now cancel grants that you no longer want. Also the work that they’ve been doing to get a tablet version running (as previously reported here) has also lead to lots of performance improvements which is good news for all. However, this work has lead to them adding less new features this month than they do normally, but they promise normal service will be resumed next month.

And finally there are, as ever, lots of bug fixes – the full list of changes can be found here.

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