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New Region Added to The Long Dark

In the latest update to The Long Dark, developers Hinterland have added a brand new region, Pleasant Valley, for players to explore. It’s probably not as pleasant as you’d expect and contains lots of new terrain for you to die in. You can access it through the Coastal Highway region. The addition of Pleasant Valley almost doubles the size of the sandbox to around 20 square kilometres.

Hinterland have also added new mystery creatures and a mechanic that means that wolves won’t attack you while you’re holding a torch. Plus you can now harvest some of the plants to make medicine.

While all of these additions look great, players are reporting that the number of wolves in-game has increased drastically, leading to players complaining that this has unbalanced the game, making survival too difficult. You have been warned.

Also Hinterland acknowledge that the game could be optimised better, as lots of players are reporting issues with the amount f processing power it takes to run the game. They will aim to fix it as soon as they can, but this might not happen until Unity 5 – the next version of the game’s core engine – is released.

The full announcement by Hinterland can be read here.

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