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Life is Feudal: Your Own has weather added to it

It’s winter. And that means that developers fancy adding snow to their games. This time it’s the turn of Life is Feudal: Your Own to oblige.

The super-realistic, survival sim has added ‘realistic’ weather to the game meaning that when it rains, it helps the crops but makes the animals sad. When it snows, it’s pretty but pretty much ruins everything else – if you want the roads to speed your travel then you’re going to need to clear the snow.

The update has changed a few other things in Life is Feudal. You’ll no longer be able to sprint continuously, rather just in short bursts, which I think is another step towards making it even more realistic (in my opinion, it’d be even more realistic if you couldn’t sprint at all). You’ve also got access to large animal traps. Does the phrase ‘large animals’ include humans? Yes, of course it does.

Here’s a little look at the weather:

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