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GOG Connect

If you’re a fan of DRM-free gaming service GOG, but have a large library of games locked away on Steam, you’re in luck. GOG has launched GOG Connect, a program that allows users to add DRM-free versions of some previously purchased Steam games to their GOG libraries at no extra cost.

To transfer games, users just have to install GOG Connect, connect their Steam account, and the app does the rest. Users will even be given the choice of downloading a standalone installer, or downloading games via the GOG Galaxy Client.

Not all games will currently work with the service however, with a growing list of over 20 titles currently announced, including The Witness, FTL: Faster Than Light, and The Witcher: Enhanced Edition.

Curiously, GOG have called this is a “limited-time offer,” with no indication of how long the offer will last, so best get in there quickly; however they have promised more games to be added in the future.

All in all, great news for gamers, preventing them from having to buy a game twice just so that they can play it on a plane!

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