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Ghost Recon Wildlands Released

After much anticipation, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands has been released today.

The tactical shooter sees you become a member of an elite four-person military unit, travelling into Bolivia in order to destroy a drugs cartel.

Ghost Recon Wildlands recreates a huge and varied portion of Bolivia and fills it with quests and side quests for you to complete. You can choose how you take down the cartel, organising your raids on targets and approaching them in any way you can think of.

You can choose to play the game solo, with the rest of your team consisting of AI soldiers or you can hook up with up to three of your friends, enabling you an even greater degree of freedom.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands Launch Trailer

The game marks a huge step forward for sandbox games in the shooter market, seamlessly combined a huge open world environment with the freedom to choose how you play. However, this is not the only recent release of a major open world game. The release of Wildlands comes less than a week after the launch of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – perhaps marking a high point for mainstream open world games following the let down of No Man’s Sky last year.

Future Content

Following the launch of the game, the developers are going to add more free content to the game, including new features, seasonal events and a much anticipated PVP mode. The PVP will involve eight players against each other in teams of four, in what Ubisoft is calling “tactical, class-based combat.”

There will also be at least two paid-for DLCs. The first expansion is entitled Narco Road and will see Ghosts infiltrating a gang of drug smugglers who have a real need for speed. To destroy this gang from the inside, players will have to earn the gang leader’s trust by winning a series of races and special challenges and you can expect to get your hands on lots of exciting vehicles to help you. The second expansion is Fallen Ghosts, which will involve your team of Ghosts trying to escape the wrath of an elite mercenary unit when your helicopter is shot down over the jungle.

You can see more about the post launch plans for Ghost Recon Wildlands in this video:

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