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Voxel Tycoon is a transportation, building and mining strategy game.

Key features of Voxel Tycoon include:


  • The player is able to rent or buy railway equipment and plan sophisticated rail networks including terminals, scheduling, bridges, tunnels and signalling systems.
  • Trucks and buses can take commuters around the busy cities, ensuring connections at train stations, and delivering cargo and goods by truck from a rail terminal for maximum profitability.


  • Players can automate surface and underground mining with open pits, and then utilize raw materials by using crushes and other machinery. Renewable resources are particularly sought after.
  • Factories can be designed with machinery, and they also need energy to operate, generated by building power stations. There is also an advantage to funding and supplying research of new technologies.


  • There is an unlimited world filled with unique biomes and vistas. The world is so endless that the player never runs out of space, although they can also dig through every voxel.  Terraforming is available for the most successful tycoons.
  • The player must supply cities’ needs, and the bigger a city, and consequently, the more money will be made. Players should remember, however, to focus on passenger experience.