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Total War: Three Kingdoms is a historical real-time strategy game which recreates the intricacies and bloodshed of ancient China. In the latest installment in the Total War series, players can expect a turn-based campaign of empire building and impressive real-time battles.

Set in China in 190CE, players can choose from 12 terrifying warlords, all rooted in real life history and faithfully recreating real figures in the dynasty. Additionally, layers must choose whether to form alliances or start wars. There is even the option to take a more Machiavellian approach. The land is war-torn and players must assume the leadership role in order to secure their legacy.

Key features of Total War: Three Kingdoms include:

  • An accurate recreation of ancient China from the Great Wall and the Yangtze river to long forgotten monuments and views.
  • An assortment of warlords drawing inspiration from the past.
  • Varied relationships between characters drawing on the Guanxi system of dynamic inter-personal relationships.
  • Highly impressive graphics inspired by original Chinese art.
  • Turn-based campaigns and real-time battles.