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They are Billions is a strategy game set in a distant Steampunk future. The player must build colonies to survive on a post apocalyptic planet that is contending with billions of infected zombies trying to bring about the end of the human race.

The key features of They are Billions are:

  • Survival mode – A random world is generated with its own events, climate and terrain. The colony must survive for a specific period against the zombies.
  • Real time with pause – The player can place structures and give orders whilst in pause mode. The key is that this is about strategy, so the pause function means the player can take their time.
  • Build an army – The player can train and contract mercenaries to protect colonies, although they won’t offer their services for free. They’ll want money and food, and all of these units have distinct personalities of their own.
  • Prevent the infection – If the infection comes in contact with a building, all of those inside will become zombies, and they will strive to infect other buildings. The player must focus on eradicating and limiting the spread of the infection.
  • 4K graphics – Ultra high definition graphics are a highlight of the game, and the artists have constructed thousands of frames of animation.
  • Campaign mode – The player must reconquer the country, and this consists of dozens of missions with a range of goals, including building colonies, and tactical and rescue missions.