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The White Laboratory is a sandbox style physics-based tower defense and RTS game. Players can build and command robotic structures, whilst defending against and conquering.

Additionally, the game features a series of missions which ‘combine robotic modular geometry components into different structures to adapt to combat situations’. Also, players can build ground defenses, send propeller air probes, attract and transfer scrap resources, and anything else the physics allows.

Key features of The White Laboratory include:

  • Physics-based game play, with 99% physically simulated.
  • Strategy focused, multipurpose robotic components which can be served for a number of purposes, including fast building.
  • Open and reusable game mechanics.
  • Experiment, sandbox and survival models, giving players the ability to explore a wide range of gameplay options.
  • Metallic aesthetics, including a clean style matching the sci-fi genre. The visuals are catered for those who are colour-blind.