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The Universim is a God-game that lets you create and manage a planet. Thanks to its dynamic gameplay, no two planets in the game will ever be the same and events like natural disasters can be triggered at any time.

The game aims to revive the “God-game” genre – bringing along the expected features of past games from the genre. However, The Universim goes further by adding brand-new evolving gameplay elements. The developers claim that “this isn’t just a simple genre revival – it’s a reinvention!”

You’ll have complete control over your citizens in the game, however each person will perform tasks in their own way. This means that giving tasks to your citizens won’t necessarily bring the expected results – so you should always watch out.

To manage your planet and citizens successfully, you will have to engage in some research. This will give you some insight into how and when unexpected events may occur. You will, of course, also have to survive various (unexpected) animal attacks and severe (also unexpected!) weather conditions.

The Universim Trailer