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The Forest


In The Forest you find yourself in a plane that crashes into, you guessed it, a forest. You survive the crash, but the challenge is surviving the forest. You must collect items and craft a shelter before collecting food to survive.

But this forest isn’t as naturally dangerous as the snowed ravaged land in The Long Dark, for example, yet it is as well thought out with a well designed eco-system that includes elements as detailed as including changing tides on the shoreline. The danger comes instead from the rather terrifying locals, who really do seem intent on murdering you and sacrificing you to whatever god they worship (they neglect to tell you).

The Forest is challenging and you’ll die lots of times. But the more you play the further you’ll get and the coop version of the game, where you and a friend survive the plane crash (how lucky is that!), adds an extra dimension that’s so rarely present in survival games.

The Forest Greatly Improves Graphics
20 Apr 2015
The Forest gets a work-in-progress two player cooperative mode
12 Nov 2014