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Terroir Game Trailer

In Terroir, you are in control of your own wine estate. You will get to grow different varieties of grapes, manage your vineyard, craft wine and oversee your business. The ultimate aim is to expand your estate!

There is a wide variety of red and white grapes you can use – from the hardy Cabernet Sauvignon to the fragile Pinot Noir, each with their own requirements. You can craft wine using Terroir‘s four winemaking processes: Crushing, Fermentation, Pressing and Ageing. Each type of grape needs to be crafted in a certain way so you’ll have to learn and master each one.

Terroir is a tile-based game and you start out with a single planting tile. You then get to expand your Chateau, using 6 different tile types. Terroir also has a unique weather system which is based on Bordeaux wine region’s climate!

The game includes a random event and mission system. You can open a “Mystery Box” and choose between “chance” or “circumstance”. Chance triggers a random event that may or may not have a desirable outcome and circumstance gives you a task to complete – if you are successful doing this, you receive a reward and if not you are penalised.

Terroir has a clean, minimalist design and low-poly 3D models. Its original soundtrack is composed and performed by Singapore’s CLARQuinet ensemble.