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Tavern Tycoon – Dragon’s Hangover is a fantasy RPG in which players run medieval taverns and let travellers take shelter for the night. The game owes much to Two Points Hospital.

Players must accommodate their guests who ‘will seek drinks and food while some might seek the warmth of a bed’. The aim of the game is to ‘manage your tavern and be the host that all adventurers admire’, whilst keeping profits high and your workforce happy. There are also building elements to the game.

Key features of Tavern Tycoon – Dragon’s Hangover include:

  • Active community and numerous updates.
  • Ability to open a tavern, grow a reputation and impress the King. Profit is obviously key, but also important is managing your work force effectively.
  • Building a tavern including all rooms.
  • 10 different levels with different structures, management goals and various clients.
  • Hiring and managing a talented workforce.
  • 5 different difficulty modes (ranging from very easy to tycoon difficulty), as well as a free mode.