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Surviving Mars, a sci-fi city builder game, tasks you with colonising Mars and surviving the process. Here the overall aim is to keep your colonists alive.

You must choose a space agency to gain resources and financial support before determining where you will locate your colony. Once settled, players must support their colony by building infrastructure, utilising resources and eventually expanding their settlement, adding your own neighbourhood personality. Each colonist is a unique individual with problems and strengths that influence the needs and behaviour of the other colonists.

The game comes from Haemimont Games, the developers behind Tropico 5, and is published by Paradox Interactive, who published Cities: Skylines. The game has similarities to both, while also utilising its sci-fi setting.

With the mysteries of the alien world, there are plenty of challenges to overcome. You must improve your strategy over time to increase your colony’s chance of survival.

Surviving Mars Trailer