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SugarMill is a “village-builder” game set during the era when Europeans were settling in the Caribbean.

SugarMill is a realistic simulation with unique features such as a measurement system based on the metric system. Due to this, you need to calculate how many kilograms of items you require to build buildings as well as bearing in mind the capacity of how many kilograms workers and horses can carry.

In SugarMill, you start by managing a few families and a full storage of supplies. You need to make your settlement thrive and you can accomplish this by building ports to import and export goods. However, this won’t be very easy. You will need to pay attention to keeping the reputation of your port high to attract more ships. You should also watch out for pirates – if the ‘pirate indicator’ goes too high and your port attracts too many pirates, you’ll lose the game!

Pirate threat is only one of the challenges you’ll face whilst thriving your settlement. You should make sure you people are happy and healthy by satisfying their needs and wants. Also, all your products in your storage have an expiration date – so use them before they go bad! All these realistic and unique features make for a very challenging but fun and interesting city builder.