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Subnautica is an open-world alien adventure survival game.

The player has crash-landed on a vast alien ocean world. After crash landing in the life pod, the player must find resources and develop exploring equipment. They are able to build bases on the sea floor, choose layouts, store resources, and replenish oxygen supplies.

There is an overriding mystery – what has happened to this planet, and what has caused you to crash on the bottom of the ocean?

Key features of Subnautica include:

  • Craft knives, lights, diving gear, and personal water craft
  • Build bases on the sea floor
  • Layouts and components
  • Store resources and park vehicles
  • Build a Pressure Re-Active Waterpoof Nanosuit
  • Explore extreme depth and heat

IGN was full of praise for the game:

“ There are certain moments in my gaming past I’d love to somehow wipe from my brain just so I could experience them again, fresh and unspoiled. Plunging into the sometimes beautiful, sometimes terrifying, sometimes disorienting aquatic world of Subnautica for the first time is one of those moments.”