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In StarMade you can explore an endless universe in your own unique, hand-built spacecraft.

You encounter asteroids, shops, other spacecraft and other planets as you cruise around in the endless voxel-generated world.

Craft and enhance your ultimate vehicle by attacking pirates and other astronauts that you come across and then salvaging materials from the wreckage of their destroyed ships.

Trade also plays a big part in the game, giving you the chance to earn your fortune by salvaging materials and selling them on to other astronauts.

In StarMade‘s single-player sandbox mode, you collect natural resources to create, model and enhance your ship whilst resisting attacks from other astronauts and space-pirates and trading and salvaging to make your fortune.

In the multiplayer mode, which needs to be played on a player-hosted server, you can collaborate to help each other build and create. Or you can destroy each other mercilessly.

As an added treat the demo for this game is currently the full alpha version!

StarMade Trailer