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Star Traders: Frontiers is an epic space RPG in which players take on the role of a starship captain whose mission is to take command of a spaceship and explore a war-torn galaxy. However, they must contend with alien threats and political intrigue in equal measure.

Players can choose what role they want to play (space pirate, merchant, bounty hunter and more), and the game features a massive open universe. The story takes place during a time of technological advancement. After the discovery of the hyperwarp, cargo, goods and technology has been reestablished, but political rivalries have formed as a result. Consequently, a revolution is forming.

Key features of Star Traders: Frontiers include:

  • A rich open universe featuring numerous procedurally-generated maps and various characters.
  • Ability to take on a variety of intergalactic roles (26 in total).
  • Ability to customise spaceships, assemble crews and mold the crew by your choices.
  • Ability to experience an ever-changing narrative.
  • Difficulty options and achievement unlock options.