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Star Control Origins is an action strategy RPG, and a loose prequel to 90s science fiction game series Star Control. The game takes place in an alternate universe far apart from the galaxy featured in the original series, although the familiar mix of comedy and darker elements from Star Control is also present in this installment.

Set in 2086, multiple species of aliens have learned how to travel the galaxies. After receiving a mysterious distress signal from space, Star Control launches an interstellar ship to investigate. Players take on the role of this ship’s human captain. The player’s mission is to discover who and what has caused the signal, but they know very little about space.

Various species that can be encountered along the way include the Drenkend and the Menkmacks.

Key features of Star Control Origins include:

  • RPG elements.
  • Ship-to-ship space combat.
  • Story editor, allowing the ability to create new customised dialogue for alien characters.
  • The ability to interact with aliens.
  • Explore the universe and search for relics and artifacts.
  • The ability to design own ships, and download different universes.