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Space Haven is an indie strategy RPG in which players can embark on a space journey that takes them in search of a new home. Players are able to assemble and manage crews, build spaceships, encounter other space explorers, and explore the universe.

Throughout the course of this game, players can also gain new crew members, conduct space burials, grow plants, watch aliens capture crew members, and even resort to cannibalism!

Key features of Space Haven include:

  • The ability to create completely customised spaceships and space stations, as well as explore a functional set of facilities including crew accommodation and more.
  • A simulated, isometric tile-based gas system including oxygen and C02, hazardous gases, and temperature and power.
  • Advanced characterisation including individual crew skills and traits, moods and conditions. The characters also develop relationships with each other, and their lives before the game influence their abilities and moods.
  • A variety of missions including away missions, the ability to draft, and unique inventories for crew members.
  • Crew combat and aliens, including the capability to fight enemy factions and alien threats.
  • Ship-to-ship combat including battle stations and the ability to tactically target enemy ships.
  • Health modelling including protective crypopods and a variety of medical treatment.
  • Procedurally generated galaxy featuring planets, asteroids, spaceships, factions and resources.