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Skull and Bones is an open world multiplayer pirate game set during the Golden Age of Piracy. Players must start from the ground (or deck…) up, learning how to sail and fight at sea. They must also master naval combat if they want to survive on the ocean.

Players step into the shoes of a customisable pirate captain, and can choose either a single-player campaigns or a multiplayer option for up to five players.

Key features of Skull and Bones include:

  • Tactical and technical detail such as a focus on wind positioning to ensure success in battles.
  • Ability to collect additional ships and the weapons that come with them.
  • Singe player and multiplayer options. Players can choose whether to ally or fight other players.
  • RPG-like progression system including the ability to choose ships according to your playing style.
  • Ever-evolving shared world including weather systems and conflict stats.