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Sid Meier’s Starships


Starships is the latest game from Sid Meier – the man behind the Civilization series. The game fits into the same sci-fi universe as Civilization: Beyond Earth.

Starships is similar to the Civilization games as it is a 4x game. However, rather than control a civilization of humans on the surface of a planet, you are in control of a fleet of spaceships that travel around a randomly generated galaxy.

You are tasked with exploring this galaxy and growing your planetary federation. Along the way you’ll come into contact the galaxy’s other inhabitants, be they controlled by AI or other human players.

The game’s ships are fully customisable so you can build a fleet that is focused on your style of play – whether that involves fighting lots of space battles or working diplomatically. The ships’ designs are modular allowing maximum choice when it comes to upgrades.

Like Civilization there are multiple ways to win the game, so it’s not all about who has the most powerful spacecraft. You can win by being the most scientifically advanced federation or uniting the galaxy with your excellent diplomatic skills.

Also if you own both Beyond Earth and Starships you will find that they interact with each other, giving a deeper experience when playing both games.

Sid Meier’s Starships Gameplay