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Settlements is a strategy simulation RPG set in a world where civilization has been completely obliterated. The only humans left live in caves and in the wilderness, and rely on fire to keep warm and fruit to survive. The player’s goal is to advance the current state of humanity, so that humans can advance out of this new stone age and forge a modern civilization.

The main aims of the game are to manage resources and to craft, and players can move ahead at their chosen pace.

Key features of Settlements include:

  • Character customisation, including the ability to change name and appearance, and allocate families.
  • More than 100 buildings to use, but a limited space to place them.
  • 10 different technological eras, ranging from the Stone Age to the Space Age. If all goes well with the player’s civilization, humans will come on in leaps and bounds by making technological advancements.
  • More than 60 character skills and 10+ world skills.
  • Over 1000 items ranging from books and recipes to tools necessary for survival.
  • 100+ base monsters
  • 8 boss fights, 5 difficulty settings and world and settlement threats.