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Satisfactory is an FPS open-world factory building sim in which players take on the role of an engineer who travels to a distant planet. On this planet the player must construct multi-story factories for the benefit of FICSIT Incorporated.

This corporation has a mysterious program although what is known is that they are constructing a vast machine. Players must not only construct, but also explore and exploit the planet for all that it has.

Key features of Satisfactory include:

  • Construct – ‘Construct your FICSIT Inc. factory in such a way that it allows for easy expansion and complexion. Not only will buildings grow more complex over time, so will the parts they produce.’
  • Automate – ‘Conveyor belts carry, after all, the life-blood of our company. To make your life easier, we’ve developed self-driving trucks and trains so you can set up your very own transport system between any point in your area’
  • Explore & Exploit – ‘R&D hasn’t figured out how to clone materials yet, weirdly enough, so you’re going to have to go out and use our patented method of extraterrestrial pioneering! This means exploring to find more or new stuff to exploit, to help expand your FICSIT Inc. factory.’