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Railroad Corporation is a historical building and management sim which transports its player to North America in the early 1800s. The rail industry is booming and players must take advantage of this fact. The goal is to establish and advance a railway empire across the country, whilst fending off competitors and keeping an eye out for golden opportunities.

The player begins life as a lowly railroad employee who must rise the ranks, obeying orders and carrying out instructions. If they make an impression, the opportunity will arise to launch their own railway corporation. And from here investments, political lobbying and managing resources become imperative for survival.

Key features of Railroad Corporation include:

  • Ability to build and manage a railway corporation using building and business practices.
  • Authentic steam train designs drawn from historical record.
  • Ability to research and upgrade stock.
  • Building and technical capabilities including blasting and digging tunnels.
  • Three-dimensional political element and authentic nineteenth century stock market simulation.