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Say hello to Project Hospital – the exciting rebooted version of Theme Hospital – brought to us by Oxymoron Games. The developers do not hide that the game is extremely similar to the well loved 90s classic.

Oxymoron Games state that players can design and construct hospitals to their exacting standards, using a variety of objects and materials. In contrast, players can just make do with a pre-built hospital if they’d rather get stuck into the administrative stuff. From here gamers must manage the runnings of the hospital from constructing specialised departments to managing staff and diagnosing (hopefully successfully!) a range of illnesses. To make the game as realistic as possible, Project Hospital will feature hundreds of real-world injuries and diseases.

As you continue through the game your reputation as a leading hospital will grow as solve more complex diagnostic puzzles and purchase for advanced medical equipment. Soon gamers will be treating patients with interesting medical conditions, performing examinations and running laboratory tests!

The new version of the game will allow players to become an aspiring architect, a successful manager and an winning doctor all at the same time, recognising the realism of overworked modern doctors! However, many of the the original 1997 visuals still remain so many of the original fans of Theme Doctor will remain on board for the 2o18 revival. Key retro and isometric features remain drawing in the nostalgia from fans of the classic.

Project Hospital Trailer