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Production Line is a management, simulation and tycoon game from Positech Games, who were the developers of Democracy and Gratuitous Space Battles and the publishers of Big Pharma – a game that has much in common with Production Line. This game is designed to appeal to the efficiency geek in all of us and the person who cannot help but organise things for maximum performance.

The game is set in a modern car factory. You’ll start off only able to produce a few cars by hand but unsurprisingly that’s not your goal in Production Line. Your aim is the increase your market share by producing a high volume of cars at a cheap price so you can compete with the big corporations.

In order to do so you’ll need to plan ahead. As your business grows you will be able to use better equipment to automate your production line, but you’ll need to have room for these new technologies. Space is at a premium, so you’ll want to utilise every inch of floor space before moving to a bigger factory with a higher rent. As your line grows seeking out and fixing inefficiencies will become more and more complex, but that’s the eye for detail you will need if you are to become a true car building tycoon.

Production Line Gameplay