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Outcast – Second Contact is an open-world adventure game, and a remake of the seminal 1999 game Outcast. The original is often touted as the game that gave birth to the open world genre. Set in an alien world, the choices the player make shape the environments of the game.

Playing as elite soldier Cutter Slade, the player needs to make the correct choices in order to ensure the survival of two alien universes.

The player can progress at their own pace through a variety of open world quests. In addition, the player must face the Talans whilst equipping themselves with an array of weapons.

Key features of Outcast – Second Contact include:

  • The ability to explore six different continents.
  • 50 hours of adventure.
  • Revitilized Outcast universe graphics.
  • More combat moves than ever, including dodges, rolls and sprints.
  • New hidden areas.

The game has been well-received by critics and players alike. stated that ‘20 years after its original release, there is still nothing quite like Outcast.

‘I do prefer the HD version from a few years back, which has more distinct visuals and provides a smoother experience, but it hardly matters when you have a game with such a powerful vision.’