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No Man’s Sky


No Man’s Sky¬†is a¬†gigantic space sandbox, where you are free to explore an almost infinite universe.

The universe is filled with solar systems, each of which has a sun and, orbiting it, a number of planets. In turn you can land your spaceship on any plant and get out and go exploring. Each planet is unique and has its own ecosystem. Each planet is also destructible, meaning you can take what you want (as long as you don’t get killed in the process).

The game is truly massive and in order to succeed you’ll need to trade and fight other players. Mostly though, it’s about exploring – discovering a planet in a distant solar system and knowing that in all likelihood no one has ever been there before.

The game suffered a difficult release with many players feeling that it didn’t live up to their high expectations. However, following numerous patches – and the game’s price being slashed – the game has regained credibility.

No Man’s Sky Gameplay Demonstration

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