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Mount & Blade is a Medieval open-world RPG set in the fictional land of Calradia. Set during a time of war, adventurers and mercenaries are taking advantage of the situation. The player must take on the role of an unknown stranger whose goal is to establish themselves as a warrior.

There are options to fight, become an outlaw or take a more neutral stance. Additionally, there are also options to optimise characters and travel around the world which features over a hundred locations which can be explored in full detail by the players.

Also, there is a predominant focus on combat, and there are four areas in which this can take place – on the open map, in tournaments, siege combat, and settlements.

Key features of Mount & Blade include:

  • Free-form sand-box gameplay.
  • Over a hundred villages, castles and towns.
  • Horseback combat.
  • Sword-fighting systems.
  • Ability to fight on foot or horseback.
  • Sophisticated AI including strategic battle options.
  • Ability to interact with hundreds of characters.