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Moonlighter is an action RPG. It’s also game of two halves – day and night. Set in Rynoka, a small commercial village, you play as a shop keeper by day and battle monsters by night. During an archaeological excavation a set of gates were discovered. These ancient passages lead to different realms and dimensions. These in turn lead to reckless adventures and more!

In the daily sun, Moonlighter is a typical management game. You must set prices, trade, recruit workers and over time upgrade your store. Over time you will get to know villagers who sometimes set special quests offering generous rewards.

However, under the moonlight the game turns rogue-like as you travel through the gates to other worlds. Here you must fight with style and collect the treasure by defeating enemies and gathering peculiar artifacts.

Fortress of Solitude called the game ‘delightfully beautiful and addictive’.

Moonlighter Game Trailer