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Mineko’s Night Market

Mineko’s Night Market is the first game from the two-person indie studio Meowza Games. The game stars a girl named Mineko who becomes a vendor in a weekly marketplace. Her role leads her to collecting resources, crafting items and participating in local events – similar to Stardew Valley.

As well as the practical daily tasks of running a market stall, you’ll also be tasked with discovering the secrets of your new home and exploring parts of the island as they unlock with the passing seasons. Each location will offer special things to do and people to meet who’ll task you with important quests. You’ll also be joined by the island’s sun god, Abe, depicted as a big, cuddly rice puff in the shape of a cat!

The game’s setting draws on a real life place, Tashirojima. This a Japanese island for the cat lover as it’s home to more cats than humans! Mineko’s Night Market equivalent is the cat-worshipping isle of Mount Fugu. However the biggest difference between Mineoko’s world and Tashirojima is that there are still plenty of humans to interact with plus life-size cats for you to befriend! Cats play a huge part in the game by providing resources (e.g. use their hairballs to craft items) and can be used as vehicles to get around the island!

Overall, Mineko’s Night Market is a world of enchantment with its vibrant visuals of a children’s animation, with all the whimsy and eccentricity you’d want from a fantasy indie game.

Mineko’s Night Market Trailer


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Adventure, Animals, Cats, Exploration, Trading

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