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Medieval Kingdom Wars is a historical combat game. It has been described as ‘a fusion of RTS and Grand Strategy genres’. Players must navigate the feudal system and loyally serve their King. Additionally, they must rule over the common folk whilst commanding sieges and battles. The developers of the game were keen to combine world map kingdom management with a real-time approach.

The game takes place during the Hundred Years War. Players begin their journey as minor lords, of which there are 50 to choose from. In addition, there a variety of ways to play the game. The game-makers stated in their original marketing release that in this game ‘there are no second chances, no turns, or multiple reloads.’

Key features of Medieval Kingdom Wars include:

  • Epic battles with up to 120 battalions per battle, including sieges and naval warfare.
  • Ability to manage towns, construct buildings and position troops.
  • Over 240 innovations and technologies.
  • Opportunities to conduct correspondence with other lords and even overthrow the sitting monarch.
  • An advanced and expansive world consisting of 200 towns, as well as weather systems, chat features, world editor, free updates and more.