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Machia Villain is a management strategy sim set in an evil mansion where players ‘raise monsters, set up traps, and exterminate victims’. It’s very much in the mould of Dungeon Keeper. However, the game also draws a lot of its influence from horror movies.

The game is set in Villain City, home to sadistic killers and deranged scientists. The player moves into a new home and must do their utmost to fit in with the neighbours around them. Consequently, this means enticing unsuspecting people from onto the street into their murder house.

Key features of Machia Villain include:

  • Ability to build an evil mansion, create crypts, run mad labs, and more.
  • Ability to build a ‘nightmare team’, ranging from vampires to axe murderers.
  • Players can order monsters to do their evil deeds, and key victims include stereotypical jocks, nerds, and horror movie celebrities.
  • Traps can be created using ordinary furniture and items – the more inventive the better.
  • Ability to fight a variety of opponents ranging from Sasquatch to monster hunters.

Reviews for the game have been mixed. Rock Paper Shotgun praised the game’s inventiveness and the game’s adherence to the horror movie genre. However, they also found ‘the stereotype and heavy gags and iffy translation make things more of a drag than they deserve to be’.