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Low Magic Age is a turn-based strategy fantasy game. Players can create a variety of heroic characters and do battle within a medieval universe. Set within an immersive fantasy world, there are opportunities for players to hone their combat skills. Additionally, players can travel on quests and take advantage of a variety of combat options, skills and modes.

Key features of Low Magic Age include:

  • Adventure mode, including an open sandbox world featuring landforms and adventure elements, cities and villages, dangerous dungeons, town quests, and trade goods.
  • Arena mode, including fast-paced combat, looting and character developing experiences.
  • Classical fantasy monsters including 7 categories, 100+ monsters, goblins, basilisks, and more.
  • Classic game roles evolved from the Open Game License of Wizards of the Coast.
  • An immersive fantasy world.

Low Magic Age has received a positive response from critics and users alike so far, with many comparing it favourably to Dungeons and Dragons and praising the regular updates and bug fixes.