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Life In Bunker, developed and published by Flox Studios Ltd, is a sandbox bunker-building simulator. The game begins where you have been elected as the new Bunker Warden. Here, you take control over your bunker residents to make it habitable for as long as possible.

This task may seem highly trivial, however, here the underground life is difficult! The bunker is full of danger so residents rely on any decisions you make – the good and the bad choices. For your bunker to prosper, you must effectively manage your resources and spending to prevent extinction. You will be responsible for water, power, food and building materials, which each play an important role in the bunker.

Life In Bunker is set in a procedural world where every new game is set in a new world. Your bunker will be in an underground world, consisting of 4 levels, so your bunker can grow both wide and deep! The game also follows a natural course of life where residents grow old and old structures need upgrading over time. This also includes a realistic events system where there can be diseases, sudden outages and infections that aim to interfere with your planning!

Life In Bunker Game Trailer