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Kenshi is an ambitious open-world RPG which is heavily focused on sandbox gameplay features rather than a traditional linear story. As a result, it subverts the genre. In particular, instead of pandering to a typical hero narrative, anybody the player meets in this world can be of equal or greater strength. The player can pick a role from a variety of types, including trader, rebel, warlord, adventurer, thief, farmer, and even victim.

The focus of Kenshi is far-reaching and extensive, but players can notably choose to build and research their own equipment and weaponry, purchase structures and fortify buildings, survive in harsh conditions, and even train soldiers from the ground up.

Key features of Kenshi include:

  • Freeform gameplay – the game features the largest single-player RPG world since Daggerfall, and the world itself stretches 870 square kilometres. There is absolutely no restrictions or limits in personal gameplay.
  • Custom design – Characters can be styled to the player’s choosing, both in terms of skill and appearance.
  • The ability to build a base – Here the player can research technologies and upgrade defences.
  • Variation of gameplay – There is no set path, and players can choose whether they want to abide by the rules, or take a darker path. There are a huge variety of choices that can be made in this world.
  • The ability to purchase and upgrade buildings.
  • Dynamic ever changing world.
  • Intelligent AI and a realistic medical system.

Presenting a dynamic and ever changing simulated world, the game features authentic Medieval systems, and the developers have set out to create a game ‘independently developed with no design influences dictated by men in grey suits’.