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Industries of Titan is an industrial city building simulation strategy game set on Saturn’s moon – Titan. Players must create a sprawling industrial city, design powerful factories, and compete with other Great Houses to succeed on Titan.

Gamers design their own city and see it grow from several small building to a massive metropolis. This needs you to set up production lines to turn raw materials into powerful devices and buildings! The needs of workers must be satisfied otherwise you will fail to create a powerful and efficient economy.

As well building a mega-city, you must also defend yourself from rival Great Houses. To protect Titan players must design their battleships to strategically place their weapons and shields to maximise fighting capability. Once you are happy with your battleships, you will use tactical combat and technological superiority or just sheer productive power to overcome the enemies.

All this gameplay is created as ‘real-time with pause’ allowing gamers to play at their preferred pace.

Industries of Titan Trailer