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Helium Rain is a space strategy sim in which players can buy ships, haul resources and trade their wares in order to bypass the competition. This single-player game offers players the chance to master real-time action and long-term strategy.

The developers are keen to highlight the realism of the game, dubbing it ‘the realistic space opera for PC’. Consequently, many of the game’s aspects have been created to seem real including the ships and their advanced controls.

Key features of Helium Rain include:

  • The ability to build fleets, trade and explore.
  • 13 playable ships, weapon and engine upgrades, and the ability to fly fleets of fighters and bombers.
  • Fast-paced combat, localised damage, joystick support, and a complex economy model.
  • Ability to explore a vast planetary system, including 25 sectors.
  • Procedural contracts and technology upgrades.
  • Quick-action skirmish mode including the ability to fight right away.
  • Fully equipped ships that include generators, radiators, weapons, engines and more.